About the Blog

The Great Lakes State of Michigan is the best place to live, but you also must venture away from home to experience all the wonders of the world!

I was in fourth grade the first time I remember traveling outside of Michigan. It was a family vacation to Gettysburg and parts of Pennsylvania and New York (researching our family tree). Then, came the obligatory Disney trip when I was in High School. Throughout my early work career, there were trips to Illinois, Indiana and Ohio...and Canada. Over the years my travels have taken me to Kentucky, Tennessee, Colorado, Wisconsin, Virginia, Washington DC, California, Texas, North Carolina and a whirlwind 36-hours in New York City. In the coming years, I hope to visit New Orleans, Boston and the western National Parks.

It was 2005 before I acquired my first passport and traveled internationally...a week-long media tour of Jordan. What an experience. Sadly, I just renewed my passport having not added any additional global stamps. That will change in 2019 when I plan to travel to Greece to celebrate my 50th birthday. My travel bucket list also includes Tuscany, Iceland and Nova Scotia.

Here is where I will chronicle my Travels Beyond the Mitten...those places full of stories, flavors and sites which educate and entertain me. Some of which may make me appreciate how lucky I am to live in Michigan. Some travels will be alone, some will be with family or friends or loved ones. All will be adventures and you’re invited to join me, virtually that is!

Safe travels...